How to Safely Change the Tire on the Highway at Night

Trouble on the road sometimes happens. Most often, tires suffer, but it’s not difficult to replace the wheel with your own hands even in the dark if you follow simple rules.

In such conditions, even the most durable tires are at serious risk of punctures and cuts, so you should always be ready to replace the wheels on your own in the most adverse conditions.

First of all, you need a spare wheel that should fit standard wheels. This will save you from possible control problems caused by different levels of grip between the wheels.

As a rule, they develop suddenly and can lead to consequences that are much more serious than simple tire fitting. Therefore, going to buy a new set of winter or summer tires, five units should be included in the budget.

It will be useful to conduct a small independent training: to find and remember the place to install the jack.

These platforms are tougher and stronger than the metal body panels of the car and it is important to understand that installing the jack in an unsuitable place for this, there is a serious danger of damage to the bottom and sills.

You can find out how to properly position the jack, from the instructions for the car or contact the tire center specialists during scheduled maintenance.

In addition to the spare wheel, the key and the working jack, you should constantly carry with you a few things that facilitate the process of replacing the wheel.

  • A powerful flashlight is invaluable at night, working gloves made of thick fabric will save your hands from skin damage from contact with asphalt.
  • The pump for tires will help in case of something with pumping the spare wheel – the last time it was pumped at best during a planned tire mounting.
  • A safety vest with reflective stripes or led road flares (click to read) will make you noticeable to other drivers. As a rule, tire replacement takes place right on the side of the road.

The procedure for replacing the wheel with a jack is dangerous and in the process it is necessary to follow certain rules. Before using the jack, the car must be put on the handbrake.

After lifting – make sure that it is securely fixed and will not jump down. You can not try to fix the jack if the car is already raised.

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