How to Paint Brake Calipers

If you are the one who likes neat and clean car but the rusty brake calipers is something which is ruining the entire look of your car, then you must think about painting the calipers of your car. If you are going to change it with the new one then it can be a bit expensive while painting caliper is the best and cost-effective solution.

Required Tools and Procedure to paint brake calipers

The following are the simplest steps to paint brake calipers which you can follow to do with the entire process in a perfect way.

Let’s start with the things required for the painting procedure.

What tools and chemistry will be needed?

We know you are being excited to paint your calipers and to stiff up the wheels of your car but it is never a better idea to dive into the procedure without proper preparing. For the perfect preparation of work, you need to have all of the following things in your hands.

  1. An easy and secure way to jack your vehicle up, so that you can remove all of the wheels at once. For this purpose, having a jack stand or a floor jack can be a perfect thing to have because you can never compromise on your safety measurements.

2. A tire iron

3. A dust mask

4. Goggles

5. Paint

6. A small paintbrush

7. The soap which can remove grease

8. Paper towels

9. Spray solvent, alloy wheel cleaner or brake cleaning fluid

10. Dropcloths, masking tape, newspaper, plastic grocery bags or anything else which can help you to keep paint out of the place where you do not want it to go.

11. Tools for the purpose of cleaning the calipers.

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Procedure to paint calipers

Following is the way which can be used to paint calipers in an effective way.

1. Remove all of the wheels: apply the parking brake and then the very first thing which you have to do is open the nut bolts of all of the four wheels one by one and let the car stand by positioning the jack at a perfect place.

2. Rust Cleaning: remove all the calipers with care from the wheels and wash them thoroughly to clean rust with ease. Cleaning job would be easier if you want to paint on the existing one.

3. Now it is time to prepare your brakes for painting: for this purpose, you can use the primer before spraying actual paint. This will help you to provide a perfect foundation for your entire paint.

4. Finally, paint the calipers: now it is time to apply the coating of your paint (whichever color you want to use, you can). Well, apply the first coating and wait for some time before applying the second one. Well, the most important thing which you have to do here is to apply the paint on one side only at a time.

5. Let the caliper dry first: let the paint of your calipers dry. It will take 30 to 45 minutes to get dry. Then you will apply the paint on the other side in the same way.

6. Finish your task: once all the Calipers have dried perfectly, you have to fix them back to their positions and adjust the wheels too.

To paint your calipers, you need to have some special equipment or tools which are being used for this purpose by experts. Similarly, you have to follow some safety precautions which you need to adopt while painting brake calipers and to stay safe during the procedure.

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