How to Find a Good Car Mechanic?

There are many small car repairs that you can do by yourself. But what to do when your car will be damaged and you won’t know what to do? Of course you must take your vehicle to car mechanic. How to find the best one? That’s not so easy.

Car mechanic

It doesn’t matter if you know how to do all car repairs by yourself or if you don’t know how to change windshield wipers. The truth is that one day you’ll have to take your car to car mechanic. It’s like with your body – you think that you know what’s the best for yourself and you never want go to the doctor, unless something strange happen and you can say why you feel bad. The same thing is your car. You can try to repair engine by yourself and save some money or you can go the car “doctor” and cure your car for 100 percent.

Good car mechanic is an investment. Nowadays everyone wants to make more and more money. There are many car mechanics who will force you to pay more for that normally cost less. So when you buy a car next thing you have to do is to find a good mechanic who you can trust. It must be someone who will take care about one of your most important things – a car. Where you can find that person? Here are some tips that will help you to find the best mechanic:

  • Ask your friends – when you’re beginning driver there’s nothing wrong to ask your friends, neighbors or family members about their favorite car mechanic. Everyone have in family experienced car driver who for 100 percent know a good car mechanic in your area.But if you don’t have in family any drivers who can recommend you a good mechanic, you can ask other people. I guess that’s what friend are for – to help you in every situation. Next time when you’ll hang out with friends, you can start a conversation about best car products and ask about any good car mechanics.
  • Search online – nowadays there’s no better source of information than internet. Your family or friends, even if they know a good driver , may be mistaken. Internet never lies – remember that. Just type in internet browser name of your city and then add “car mechanic”. Even if you live in smallest city in the States your browser will find a few car mechanics from nearby area. There are many internet sites where you can find not only address and telephone number of mechanic but also opinions about his services. That’s the best way to make sure if it’s worth to visit your local mechanic or not. Of course on the internet you will find many false opinions written by people who want to give somebody a bad name. You must trust your instinct if someone is right or wrong.

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

When you’ll choose car mechanic and you’ll try to fix your car with his help don’t forget to write your opinion about his services. But remember – write only the truth. It will help other drivers to choose right mechanic.

  • Search for certificate – good auto mechanic should have various automotive certifications like Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). It’s a certified group that gather professionals in the automotive repair and service industry. This organization is independent and non-profit so you can be sure that no one can buy this certificate for money without proving his quality. It was made for consumers – it helps to distinguish between incompetent and competent automotive mechanics. The main aim of organization is to improve the quality of vehicle repair. When you’ll find a mechanic before you’ll give him your car ask him if he have ASE Certificate. If yes. You don’t have to worry about service – it’ll be done just as you want it to be done.
  • Avoid big mechanic car repair stores – it’s simple, bigger mechanic stores hire more people and must have bigger prices than local small car repair stores. There’s nothing you can do with it. You won’t have a chance to bargain and get lower price – all of them are untouchable, just like prices in a big malls. In local car repair store, run by two or three people you’ll always has a bigger chance to get a better price. And finally – it’s always better to support local business than big corporations, they need your help much more than them.
  • Talk to mechanic – when you will find a good mechanic, that was recommended by your friends or by someone else on the internet, and you will go to visit him, don’t leave your car without small talk with him. Show him that you really care about your car, and you are not someone who he can cheat on. Make a good impression. Show that you want to pay for a good service – not a bad one. Ask him a questions, that will help you to account if he’s a person who you can trust. When the job is done request to see the old parts that were removed. You will be sure that they were removed for 100 percent.

Good car mechanic who you can trust is a investment and real treasure. Some car repairs can be really expensive, and good mechanic will help you to minimize repair cost. Don’t wait for car breakdown, start to look your driver today.

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